A powerful FREE online time tracker to track your efforts

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Easy to use

This is a FREE online time tracker with an intuitive design having analog timers on dashbaords showing the status. It is mobile friendly hence making your tracking even easier. We bet its simplicity will really impress you.

Focus on your work

Kick out the manual way of time tracking where your focus is diverted. Start a timer and focus on your work, the rest will be handled by us. Make happy your clients and earn more for the same time invested.


You can run multiple timers simultaneously, this becomes helpful when you work for various tasks at a time and frequently switch among tasks. You can search for histories and can even enable a stopped timer.

Boost your efficiency at zero cost

Yep, we don't charge anything for Tabgraf Timer
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How does the live timer look like

No more worries if you work for multiple clients or projects ?
You can run multiple timers
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  • Track your valuable time

    Create unlimited timers
  • Simplicity is natures first step, and the last of art.

    - Philip James Bailey
  • Hassle-free time tracking with simple and intutive interface

    Our site is device friendly
  • Easy payment through PayPal after trial period

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